Saturday, 19 December 2015

Never Allow A Day To Pass Without Achieving A Little Thing...

You woke up on a brilliant day but felt wearily lazy to opt out of bed.
Yeah, you just have that urge to cuddle up in your tender sleep adorned with myriads of dreams of fantasy land as if you are a subject in the fiary Alladin Lamp Tales.

Many people have had that urge at one point of the other before, I call it "Stabbing the day with knife".You can still do just one simple thing that sets the rest of your week in high spirit.

That little thing may be:
  • Just a phone call to repair a broken relationship,
  • To jot down a new idea that poped up in your head,
  • To jot down a fantastic title to write about,
  • To jot down a project thesis that could win awards,
  • To jot down an unlikely formula that could solve an arithmetic,
  • To jot down an impossible algorithm that could solve a programming problem,
  • To jot down a perfect mnemonic for a stubborn topic in class.

***JUST JOT IT DOWN*** and it would be enough to work on the following day, after all body no be firewood.
Alice Walker once said that many of her award winning poems or write ups were what she drafted hurriedly and dropped into waste bins, only to pick them up and develop on later dates....

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