Wednesday, 21 December 2016

The 5 Steps: Make Money Under 3 minutes to 2 hours from 1960Bet, Daily.

...from Account funding with ATM cards to Cashing out, all with your phone.

Shop bets has a minimum of N100 stake, but online?

A Stake is as low as N20 (1960bet) upwards, 
So you can try your luck without losing much. 
Leverage on your intelligence at predicting sports outcomes 
(win, lose, draw, or scores sheet, etc) and earn cool stash of raw cash.

This Is How To Do It Without Leaving Your Room

I don't do shop bets but a lots of friends think I don't do sports betting, guess it? Online style is how I roll.

1. Choose a bookmarker of your choice and register with this link:
2. Register with your real details, its just a one page registration: Make sure the details are correct because you can only make payouts into a valid bank account, (Savings or Current).

3. Log in and proceed to FUND your account using your ATM card ONLINE
(a). Go to
Customer ID requested on is your Account ID with the particular bookmarker.
Enter your details and your account will be funded instantly.


(b). By clicking on the Banking link at the top right center the page
  • There are lots of equally very easy online funding options from the bookmarkers. Try as many as possible or select whichever option seems easier for you. Note: You will not be charged unless the transaction is successful.
  • Reputable platforms handle the process, so don't be scared --the transaction is secure.
  • My favorite is the use of ATM debit cards (Verve, Visa, Mastercard, GTBcard etc) but you can also do "direct bank deposit", shop agents or visit an ATM machine etc. But using your ATM online gives you much flexibility, just from the corner of your room, at any time of the day even with your phone.
  • The Minimum Funding amount is usually N500.

4. Then start selecting your games prediction and play: 
  • Virtual games are played under 3 minutes. 
  • Most Real games are played under 2 hours. If your all your selections "become green" all through, no mincing words, Voila! You've just won yourself raw cash.
5. Cash out your money to your bank account (directly online):
  • Click on the Payout link then Bank Transfer button
  • Provide your bank account details and enter an amount (NGN) to withdraw (provided you have exactly that amount or more)
  • Click NEXT button and your real bank account will be funded. Now you are on top of the world. 
  • The least you can withdraw is usually N1,000 to Maximium of N500,000 or more daily, depending on your bookmarker. 

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